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Computer Recycling Company in New England

When you need to retire your current office computers and servers, look no further than aWorld Networks, Inc & aWorld Recycling, LLC. We safely breakdown and wipe out data on old hardware to either sell through our networking company or to recycle through our recycling company in New England. Our pair of family-owned-and-operated companies work together to repurpose as much hardware as possible to reduce waste. Whenever we encounter hardware we cannot repurpose, we have it properly recycled according to federal guidelines.

Why Choose Us

We are organized and knowledgeable in the industry of computers and servers. Our company uses government and industry standards to destroy personal data stored on tapes, hard disks, and other forms of electronic media to be completely unreadable. This way, your information cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes. Any systems that do not have any resale value after wiping the data are recycled according to state and federal environmental laws.

What We Do

Our team picks up computers and equipment from companies for free. We frequently deal with major projects, and we resell cleaned computers in bulk.


Secure data destruction is extremely important, and if computers/data servers are not properly deleted, your company’s confidential information could be compromised. Entrust your systems to us for data erasure; we take pride in ensuring your security.


Have your old computers and data destroyed securely with aWorld Networks, Inc & aWorld Recycling, LLC. For more information, contact us today!

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