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Telecom Frames & Cards

Electronic Precious Metals Recovery

Circuit boards, connectors, and backplanes are present in almost all telecom network equipment as well as in most modern electronic equipment. AWN in its pursuit of the recovery of these materials utilizes a sampling and assaying process which includes: manual examination, shredding, continuous sampling, and fire assay.

The principal process that aWorld Recycling conducts for precious metal recovery is to accumulate and fire assay all of the material that contains precious metals. A fire assay is a term used to describe the method of determining the quantities and purity of precious metals. We execute this process to return valuable gains on your excess networks and circuit cards.

Green Matters

Environmentally Responsible Disposal

For assets that have little or no redeployment market value, aWorld Recycling can manage the efficient and environmentally responsible disposal, hard drive wiping and destruction, including providing certificates of destruction and meeting all industry standards and regulations.

Printed circuit boards, back panels motherboards, connectors, and IC chips are processed to recover the precious metals and copper. Many types contain at least trace amounts of lead and other heavy metals which must be processed and refined, not landfilled.

If It Has Value In The Market

Re-marketing capabilities

aWorld Networks along with aWorld Recycling will ensure that your components are well represented and sold for the fair market value set by supply and demand for valued parts not collected for destruction. We offer the following:

  • Worldwide Network of 9,000
  • Buyers and Suppliers
  • Thousands Of Items IN STOCK
  • Proprietary Custom Inventory
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Network Of Buyers For Best Bid
  • Free Local Pickups